The Spirit of Christmas

And so it begins. Christmas is 52 days away

Halloween will soon be eclipsed by the early presence of Christmas products and merchandise.

Have you caught yourself thinking of Christmas even earlier than Halloween? You're not alone. The Royal Statistical Society has found Christmas enters British minds over summer - 3 months earlier than in 2007

Is this a bit too much? Do we miss Santa, or do we fall prey to early Christmas ads and blowout sales?

Or perhaps in your case you hardly bother with it. Research shows that more and more people are choosing not to buy each other presents because "we don't need anything". Feeling a bit pushed to the point that no offer seems reasonable?

Perhaps it is true that if ads weren't flooding our daily lives we would enjoy Christmas more. We have enough pressures and we don't need to be reminded of when Christmas is

This year we could agree to settle for something simpler, such as a beautifully written Christmas card, or a nice chocolate cake

However you choose to celebrate, at Marisole we want to wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

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