The Moisturising Effects of (good) Soya Wax

Candles made of soy wax are safe to be poured on your skin and beneficial. They moisturise and protect you in a similar way lotions do. They can be fun and satisfying as dipping your fingertips in the melted wax and peeling it off feels great.

To be fair, we've all played with regular (and harmful) wax and know how soft our fingertips get. Natural and skin-tested soya wax can be a luxurious way to leave whole parts of your body baby soft for an extended period of time.

Some people have pointed out the dangers of using this treatment, which if done with the wrong product can result in skin burn. So what must you make sure in order to have a safe and rejuvenating experience? Let's outline the dangers and how to mitigate the risks:

Danger: Candle contains waxes not specified in the labelling

Solution: Make sure you trust who you are purchasing your candle from. Soya wax will have a softer feel than regular wax, you can test this by pushing the wax while the candles are unlit

Danger: Dyes in candles are not skin safe

Solution: Preferably buy colourless candles to avoid danger. Some candles may use cosmetic-grade dyes, but you will never know until it's too late. Colourless soya wax candles should have a white and creamy colour and only these are safest to pour on to your skin.

Danger: Soy wax used is not cosmetic-grade. This is by far the greatest danger of all. It should be pointed that an extremely low number of people experience adverse reactions to any wax, including known harmful waxes. However, only one type of soya wax has been dermatologically tested, CB-135. This wax is generally avoided by candle makers because of its tendency to produce "frosting", which is an ugly layer of wax on the candle top.

Solution:Buy candles that specify that the wax used was "cosmetic grade", "dermatologically tested", or directly say that it was CB-135. Seeing an ugly top layer of wax could in this case be quite positive, as it tells you that the wax is guaranteed to be healthy! (although CB-135 doesn't always produce frosting, so no worries if you don't see it).

Danger: Fragrance oils used are not safe or wax contains too much fragrance. Soy wax is great for massage candles. It will leave a soft and lasting scent on your skin for hours. The downside of massage candles is that, well, they don't give as much scent off as regular candles do. Some candle makers make up for this by exceeding the safety limit on how much fragrance they add to their waxes.

Solution: Buy from trusted candle makers that only use up to 4% of fragrance oils in their candles. A safety measure would be getting familiarised with how much scent good massage candles give off and compare your suspiciously newly purchased candles with these.

Here at Marisole we pride ourselves in our premium quality soya wax candles, and will be happy to help you answer any questions you may have purchasing soya wax candles here and elsewhere

Back to the wonderful effects of soya wax. Directly after the wax bath/massage, your fingers will not only smell wonderful, but will also feel very smooth and nourished. You will be surprised at how much better your cuticles and skin look around your nails. Your skin will look brand-new and your nail beds will shine with moist and happiness that will last much longer than any lotion

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