How to Use a Massage Candle

So someone has gifted you a massage candle and you're left wondering how you can enjoy it in the cleanest and most efficient way. Or perhaps you've heard of the moisturising wonders of soya-based massage candles and you'd like to improve your expertise before you decide on buying one

Either way, here you'll find much treasured information that we hope will enhance your tantalising massage candle experience. If you're still wondering how pouring hot wax on your skin isn't a form of torture here's why: organic soy wax doesn't get hotter than 55 °C. At the same time, soy wax has a higher-than-usual melting point, so you'll want to pre-warm your candle inside the house and leave it burning for a good 10 minutes before you start your treatment

Method #1: With a spoon

The easiest and cleanest way to enjoy your newly acquired massage candle is using a spoon. It prevents burning your massage candle container which can leave ugly dark stains. It also helps in keeping your hands clean while pouring wax on your skin until the much awaited moment when you can dip your hands in it and start playing with this organic wax

In our experience massage candle addicts always end up having a designated spoon that they use to pour their wax on to. Just saying!

Method #2: Dipping your fingers

This one is the second most used method when it comes to massage candles. Soya wax can be great fun to play with so why not indulge yourself in diving your fingers straight in? Plus, you'll moisturise your hands while you're at it!

Just be sure to keep your fingers out of the flame :-)

Method #3: Pouring from candle

Messy and complicated. Have you tried aiming while pouring thick liquids before? The same can be said about pouring a massage candle. Just stick to #1 or #2. Plus, you'll avoid getting you or your container burned while you're at it

We hope this information has helped you in getting ready for your massage candle experience. Don't forget to browse our store for massage candles if you're still looking for your favourite ones

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