The Essence of Right Gifting

For the next few weeks, a lot of gifting will happen. This time of year is the time that brings things back to the basic sentiment of the season: celebration, love and happiness.

On that point, we’re going to invest a lot of time focusing on the ways to celebrate and share happiness with gifting – Gifting in a sensible manner, which is usable to the receiver. But before we start planning the gifts on our own, it’s important to think about the special occasion people are celebrating. What will they need, or are needing? What they like and so on.

You can definitely gift someone something very special and unique, but don't forget the person whom you are gifting. Remember the Recipient – ALWAYS! The essence of gifting lies in the gifts that add more happiness, celebrations and emotions.

This is why we at Marisole are giving you the option to personalise a fantastic luxury soy candle with your special person's name. A truly memorable gift indeed