Benefits of Ayurvedic Self-Massage

According to Ayurveda, the holistic tradition from India, Abhyanga or Ayurvedic massage is an integral part of the daily routine recommended for overall health and well being. It is a unique technique in which comparatively large amounts of medicated oils are applied to the body. Such massage helps to remove the accumulated stress and toxins in the mind and body, increases circulation to the nerve endings and promotes increased stamina throughout the day. It increases mental alertness, tones muscles and lubricates the joints.

Abhyanga involves energy work and reflexology; by stimulation of the various energy points on the surface of the body (known as Marma points), which correlate with functioning of various internal organs.

Lymphatic drainage is an established benefit of any type of massage. While scientists haven’t explicitly examined abhyanga and lymph flow, proponents claim it has a positive effect.Your lymphatic system removes your body’s waste. If you have surgery or a medical condition, the fluid in your lymphatic system can accumulate and cause swelling, or lymphedema. Lymph provides the nerves with receiving and transmitting signals. It also helps develop antibodies that are important for the immune system.

By rubbing the joints in a circular motion, circulation is enhanced and rubbing the joints in a circular motion secretes fluid from the lymph nodes. This causes more protein, glucose, minerals, oxygen, and antibodies involved with the lymphatic system, to circulate in the blood.

How can I use Ayurvedic oils in my daily self-care routine?

Dip your fingertips into the warm oil and apply it lightly to the entire body. Wait for a few minutes and then apply even pressure with the palm and finger; massage in circular motions over rounded areas, such as head or joints, and straight strokes on straight areas, such as your arms and legs. Do not apply heavy pressure on sensitive areas such as abdomen or heart. Relax for ten to fifteen minutes after the massage, and then follow with a warm bath or shower.

List of Ayurvedic Oils

Vata Massage Oil is an excellent abhyanga oil for vata, especially when the dosha is high or elevated. This oil is particularly grounding and calming. The synergistic blend of n herbs, such as ashwagandha root, licorice, neem and gurjun balsam, come together to offer their strengthening, nourishing, and revitalizing properties, enhancing the vata-pacifying qualities of the organic sesame and olive oils used as its base. This oil is the perfect choice for the fall and winter seasons, when vata is most likely to become imbalanced

Ashwagandha oil is used in Ayurveda for reducing Vata disorders such as nerve or muscle pain and poor circulation. It is ideal as a grounding massage oil for Vata constitutions or for anyone wanting to balance a Vata aggravation. It is also great to use after a work out or playing sport.

Ashwagandha oil helps restore the skin's natural suppleness and elasticity and is excellent for dry or dehydrated skin and reducing wrinkles.

Pitta Massage oil pertains to metabolism, and transformation in the mind and body. Pitta represents the elements of Fire and water. Pitta is responsible for metabolic processes in the organs and tissue systems, in addition to the cellular metabolism. Imbalance is expressed as: skin sensitivity, anger issues, excess heat, irritation and inflammation. Pitta Ayurvedic oil has a cooling effect, to let excessive heat out of the body.

With a pleasant, mild fragrance it is ideal for all types to use as a summer oil to help soothe and nourish skin affected by sun and heat

Kapha Massage oil pertains to structure and lubrication in the mind and body. Kapha represents element of Water and Earth. The body form and structure, inclusive of fluids, fats, muscles, bones, etc. come under Kapha. The imbalance is expressed as weakened circulation, body pain, weight issues, nasal and other congestions. Respiratory systems are more prone to Kapha imbalances, which results into phlegmatic disorders.

Kapha lymph oil is a warming oil which penetrates deep into the tissues, stimulating circulation and energising the body. It also helps reduce excess fluid and promotes a healthy and glowing appearance to the skin. Even the lovely refreshing, fragrant smell of this oil lifts the spirits in the morning!


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