This month in Vogue

This month we have featured in the British Vogue magazine where we introduce our Organic & Highly Scented Candles and and explain the benefits of using them within the comfort of your home

What is an Organic & Highly Scented Candle?

An Organic & Highly Scented Candle is a candle that is made from organic soya wax and natural ingredients. Here at Marisole we use a wide range of 100% pure & organic essential oils that cater for all your moods whether you desire mental clarity or seek relaxation. These blends provide a true SPA experience. You can experience the luxurious pampering feeling at home with these truly relaxing and restoring blends.

What is special about them?

Typical candles are paraffin-based and contain very harmful ingredients. Behind their strong and sometimes pleasant scents hide a myriad of substances that can cause irreparable damage to you and your loved ones. Traditionally, candles have always been made from oils we find in nature. Today, candles are made with synthetic ingredients that haven't been properly tested or are already known to negatively affect your health. Society has become aware of the dangers of certain toxic substances (i.e. cigarettes) but has yet to realise the dangers day-to-day items such as synthetic candles pose.

Additionally, by buying synthetic candles you are inadvertently giving your support to an industry that employs cruelty in its testing. Countless animals are tortured around the world to help test and produce the next fragrance.

Our Organic & Highly Scented candles are lovingly hand-poured in Yorshire and made with your health in mind. Unlike the universally found fragrance oils-based candles, our candles contain real, pure and natural essential oils.

At a moment of great danger to the world we inhabit let us choose to live a healthier, more ethical lifestyle that doesn't put profits first and chooses to be respectful with mother nature.